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G10R record player

Type: 33/45 rpm record player, belt driven synchronous motor drive player with internal resonance controller

Drive: quartz controlled synchronous motor with DSP optimized supply of motor drive curve.

Speeds: 33.3/45 rpm electrically switched

Platter: 4.4kg acrylic-aluminum

Bearing: inverted hardened polished steel, precision machined in one operation including centre bore in one operation without re-chucking

Wow & Flutter: not measurable

Rumble: 82dB

Weight: 15kg

Features: includes customized Rega RB300 arm, Benz C05 high output MC cartridge, PH-G10NC MM/MC phono step-up

Dimensions: 150 x 443 x 378 (HxWxD in mm)

V10 tube integrated amplifier

Type: tube stereo integrated amplifier

Output Power: 80 Watts/channel into 8/4 Ohms (110 Watts peak)

Frequency Response: 8Hz to 100kHz

Harmonic Distortion: <0.05% @ 1 Watt

Signal/Noise: >100dB

Channel Separation: 100dB

Inputs: four line level plus tape circuit

Features: High/standard valve bias voltage settings for low & high level replay

Weight: 25.8kg

Dimensions: 186 x 443 x 378 (HxWxD in mm)

Remote control - included

Category HiFi Components
Sub Category TurnTables

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